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Occupational and Environmental Health Network, PC, "OEHN" is a privately owned occupational and environmental medicine consulting company headquartered in central Massachusetts.  The company was established in 2004 by Principals, Thomas H. Winters MD and Lee Okurowski, MD.  Over the years, they have assembled a dedicated network of professionals offering a comprehensive service line including consultation, disability management and  remote and onsite clinical leadership and services.

OEHN partners with all industries. However, we have developed an expert body of knowledge and focus in hospital employee health and research occupational health.  Several academic and community -based hospital employee health programs in Massachusetts are guided by our Medical Directors. Recognized leaders in the research occupational health arena, we provide clinical guidance, medical surveillance and exposure response for BSL I to IV laboratories at universities, biotechnology/biopharma and other research entities nationwide.


Our network of occupational and environmental health professionals includes board certified occupational medicine physicians, specialists in preventive medicine, infectious disease, pain management and physical medicine and rehabilitation, orthopedic surgeons, chiropractors, physical therapists, occupational health nurses, ergonomic specialists, forensic psychiatrists, psychologists, health coaches, industrial hygienists, biosafety officers and program management staff. 

Experts in their field, with decades of experience, these professionals share their vast knowledge and skills with clients, colleagues, students and residents. Many are published in medical and academic journals, present at national and international conferences and serve as faculty at academic institutions.  Our Medical Directors are preceptors for Harvard School of Public Health Occupational and Environmental Medicine Program and serve as visiting lecturers at the Harvard School of Public Health.


Our portfolio of remote and onsite occupational health services is tailored to meet regulatory requirements as well as industry specific and unique needs of organizations.  Without the encumbrances of owning a clinic, our attention is fully focused on the delivery of high quality clinical care and service. OEHN clients also benefit from our affiliations and referral capability to our local, regional and national network of hospitals and clinics, ancillary care services, specialists and disability management providers. 


Our Services include:

  • Board Certified Medical Directors

  • Specialist Consultation (Infectious Disease, Pain Management, Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine

  • Employee Health Services (remote and onsite physicians, nurses )

  • Total Disability Management

  • Research Occupational Health Services – academic institutions and biotech/biopharma

  • Forensic psychiatry and psychological FFD services for safety sensitive positions such as fire and law enforcement personnel

  • Ergonomic Services

  • Worksite Wellbeing Development and Programming

  • Environmental Health and Safety including Industrial Hygiene, Biosafety


Our occupational health professionals enjoy working in a variety of industries and our clients benefit from this diversity.  Our providers apply best practices and lessons learned, sharing solutions to challenges from one industry or client to another.

Some of the industries we work with include:

Hospital Employee Health Departments

Universities and Colleges

Research Laboratories

Biotechnology and Biopharma Companies

Veterinary Hospitals and Animal Shelters

Municipalities, including Police and Fire Departments

Labor Unions



Supermarket and Pharmacy Chains

Utility Companies

Utilization Review Companies

Insurance Companies

Third party administrators

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