Employing evidence-based medicine and best practices, our physicians work collaboratively with health and safety stakeholders, tailoring solutions to keep employees safe, healthy, working and productive while maintaining compliance and ultimately reducing employer costs.


OEHN’s Medical Directors are Board Certified in Occupational and Environmental Medicine and other specialties including Infectious Disease, Preventive Medicine and Internal Medicine. Supported by a network of hospitals, occupational health clinics and other occupational health professionals such as nurses, ergonomists, industrial hygienists, psychologists, pain specialists and various other health and wellness professionals, the physicians provide on-site and remote services.


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When we partner with you on injury and illness prevention and wellness, the results are healthier employees, reduction of medical costs, lost time and recordable injury rates.
  • Treatment of complex work-related injury and illness

  • Appropriate referrals to specialty and ancillary care

  • Implementation of early intervention strategies

  • Total disability and absence management

  • Development of return to work programs

  • Fitness for duty and return to work evaluations

  • Immunization recommendations

  • Emergency health management and epidemic response

  • Toxicology consultations

  • Health evaluations, exams, screenings

  • Exposure management

  • Medical surveillance program development and management

  • Biological monitoring

  • Best practice SOP and protocol development

  • Workplace hazard and risk evaluation

  • Oversight of clinical staff

  • Remote consultations

  • Health education and training

  • Development, implementation and evaluation
    of quality Improvement initiatives and metrics

  • Regulatory compliance guidance

Occupational & Environmental Health Network

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