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OEHN: Your premier resource for occupational health solutions

OEHN provides occupational health solutions, offering consultation, clinical services and disability management to employers across all industries.


Our Mission is to optimize the health, safety and wellbeing of workers while reducing client risk and costs associated with occupational injury and illness.


OEHN offers board certified physicians, nurses and other occupational health and safety professionals to deliver remote and onsite clinical leadership, care and service to insurers, employers and workers nationwide. Although partnering with all industries and workforces, we have a special interest and expertise in safety sensitive populations including healthcare workers, researchers and police and fire personnel and others.


OEHN works proactively and collaboratively with our client stakeholders to create or improve upon existing employee health programs that focus on the unique needs of employers, workers and insurers and produce the following outcomes:

  • Reduction of the level OSHA recordable injury/illness rates

  • Reduction of the cost of lost work days

  • Increased productivity and employee morale

  • Increased regulatory compliance

  • Reduction in medical and legal costs

  • Reduction of the overall costs of healthcare

A win for all, these outcomes are a competitive advantage for employers, as healthier, satisfied workers contribute considerably to a company’s productivity, positively impacting the bottom line.  Improving the health of worker populations ultimately improves the quality and cost of healthcare for society in general.

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