Terry B Snyder, BSBME, MBA

Senior Ergonomics Consultant


Ms. Snyder has provided ergonomic consulting services for OEHN clients for over a decade, helping companies develop effective, sustainable ergonomics programs to decrease injury and discomfort, and improve productivity. 

She received degrees in electrical and biomedical engineering from Case Western Reserve University, and an MBA from Simmons Graduate School of Management, and founded P.S. Associates in 1988, specializing in ergonomics for workers at high risk of injury. Terry has extensive experience implementing sustainable improvement programs, using a participatory, interdisciplinary approach, in hospitals, life science, university, and manufacturing settings. She also offers ergonomic assessments for individual workers experiencing discomfort or in need of job modifications.

Ms. Snyder’s scientific publications address measures of discomfort and injury risk, and organizational issues related to successful ergonomic interventions. She is often an invited speaker and workshop instructor on topics that include best ergonomic practices for research laboratory workers, safe patient handling, and office train-the-trainer programs. Learn more about Terry and P.S. Associates at http://www.psaergoconsult.com.