Through our  affiliation with Terry Snyder, Owner and Senior Consultant of P.S. Associates, we help individuals and departments decrease work injury and discomfort and increase productivity. Our ergonomic experts have extensive experience in a variety of job settings including health care, laboratories, universities, corporations and manufacturing.  


Solutions include:

  • Work accommodations and return to work assistance

  • Job evaluations

  • Safe patient handling and mobility

  • Facilitating office design and furniture selection

  • Training programs: 

  • Office computer users- including Train-The-Trainer Programs

  • Material handling staff

  • Medical diagnostic testing staff

  • Clinical and research lab staff

  • New employee orientation

  • supporting sustained improvements

For more information or to set up a consultation please call us at (508) 251-7260 or email at

For more information, contact us at
(508) 251-7260